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 Racing Tactics – Chris sez: When things go wrong, remember your routine
Chris Rast, three-time Olympian and Sailing News columnist shares his insight on how to tame the locura that surrounds big events. At the 2008 Games in Quindao, he crewed for Tim Wadlow USA on the 49er. Early on, things weren’t going so well, so they needed to make adjustments:
Tim and I had established pretty stubborn routines, which allowed us to focus on what really matters and not get too distracted. The Olympic Games Regatta must be the most intense competition that any sailor will ever race in. Believe me, I know, I sailed in three Olympic Games. What keeps you on track are your routines. It starts with how and when you get up, what you eat for breakfast, how you rig your boat, the girls you flirt with in the boat park, how you do your pre-start routines, debriefs between the races etc. all the way until climb back in to bed and turn the light off. I like to make the analogy with your routines being your life line through the day (or even through out the whole event). The stronger your routines, the sturdier and more grippy that life line will be. Read the ]post[/url].
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