Sunday, December 24, 2017   (Image © Konrad Frost)
 VOR65  Ocean Race 2017/18  Melbourne AUS  Leg 3  Day 13  finish today
125nm were left for 'Mapfre' with Xavi Fernandez ESP this morning, and the Spanish team will arrive this afternoon in Melbourne AUS. 'Dongfeng' of Charles Caudrelier FRA who duelled with 'Mapfre' over a very long distance reported technical problems with the canting keel and is now over 100nm behind. The fight for rank 2 has been launched therefore as 'Dongfeng', 'Vestas' (Charlie Enright USA) and 'Brunel' (Bouwe Bekking NED) are separated by 27nm only.
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VOR65 - Ocean Race 2017/18 - Alicante ESP

Saturday, 14. October 2017– Tuesday, 26. June 2018


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