Saturday, November 24, 2018   (Image © Robert Deaves)
 World Sailing  Olympic Classes Selection  More comments
The discussions about the selection of the Olympic events for 2024 are not over yet three weeks after the World Sailing (WS) Annual Meeting in Sarasota FL USA. The chances that changes will occur are minimal, as Council and the AGM - misled by wrong arguments - did clearly confirm the submitted slate. However, the IOC Agenda 2020 cited as rationale by WS, is all up for review starting in December 2018 and will not come into effect till after Paris/Marseille 2024 for Los Angeles 2028. The IOC deadline for WS to fix the events is 2020.
Above all, the 48hrs Offshore Race for mixed two-person teams, replacing the Finn, difficult to present media-wise, and with an unknown format and not yet selected yachts in the EUR 100'000 price-range, never practiced before, is heavily critisised.
Here the must-read comments (including links to important documents) by two undisputed senior sailracing insiders to understand the consequences of this absurd decision: Tom Ehman USA (Sailing Illustrated) and Richard Gladwell NZL (sail-world).

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