Tuesday, January 8, 2019   (Image © Tom Hodge)
 Dragon  World Championship 2019  Fremantle AUS  Day 5
The Dragon World Championship in Western Australia continued yesterday with two windy races. As both leading boats were disqualified once for a premature start, the final outcome of the Championship is fully open again before the last race today.
Andy Beadsworth GBR with his Turkish team is still on top of the rankings, but Grant Gordon GBR is only one point behind, and Klaus Diedrichs GBR - backlog 2 points - as well as 3 points' back Peter Gilmour AUS steering a JPN boat have a chance to win the title.
The ranking list, the yesterday's news and the event website, where the final results will be posted in the coming hours this morning UTC.
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Dragon - World Championship 2019 - Fremantle AUS

Friday, 4. January 2019– Wednesday, 9. January 2019


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