Olympic Worldcup 2019 - Act3 - Genua ITA - Start today

Monday, April 15, 2019   
 Olympic Worldcup 2019  Act3  Genua ITA  Start today
The third Olympic Classes Worldcup Regatta begins today in Genoa ITA, the last event of the 2018/9 series that will be concluded in Marseille FRA in early June. Genoa has been selected for the first time by World Sailing instead of Hyères FRA for 2019 to avoid to have two events in the South of France.
Some of the fleets however are not as representative as many top athletes still seem to prefer to go Hyères end of April, such as the Laser sailors Chris Barnard, Charlie Buckingham or Paige Railey. 8 of the 10 Olympic Classes will be present in Genoa.

The North American (CAN, MEX, PUR, USA) delegations consist of:
- 470 Men (44 boats): Stuart McNay/David Hughes USA, Trevor Bornarth/Trevor Davis USA
- 470 Women (37 boats): Nikole Barnes/Lara Dallman-Weiss USA, Atlantic Brugman/Nora Brugman USA, Emily Bornarth/Laura Slovensky USA
- 49er (65 boats): Nevin Snow/Dane Wilson USA, Harry Melges/Finn Rowe USA, Judge Ryan/Hans Henken USA, Andrew Mollerus/Ian MacDiarmid USA, Ian Barrows/Mitchell Kiss USA
- 49erFX (50 boats): Stephanie Roble/Margaret Shea USA, Paris Henken/Anna Tobias USA
- Laser Standard (117 boats): Robert Davis CAN, Justin Norton CAN, Luke Ruitenberg CAN, Hugh Macrae CAN, Pedro Luis Fernandez Gamboa PUR, Yanic Gentry MEX, Juan Ignacio Perez Soltero MEX, Marek Zaleski USA, Malcolm Lamphere USA, Henry Marshall USA, Paul Didham USA
- Laser Radial (68 boats): Isabella-Anna Bertold CAN, Maura Dewey CAN, Hanne Weaver USA
- Nacra 17 (44 boats): Riley Gibbs/Anna Weis USA, Ravi Parent/Caroline Atwood USA, Sarah Newberry/David Liebenberg USA, Enrique Figueroa/Gretchen Ortiz PUR
- Finn (21 boats): no entries

The entry lists, the event website and the official preview.
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Olympic Worldcup 2019 - Act 3 - Genoa ITA

Sunday, 14. April 2019– Sunday, 21. April 2019

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