IRC - Giraglia-Race - St. Tropez FRA - Day 3

Wednesday, June 12, 2019   
 IRC  GiragliaRace  St. Tropez FRA  Day 3
Today by noon CET, the start to the traditional Giraglia Race will be given in St-Tropez FRA leading over 156nm around the Giraglia Rock north of Corsica to Monaco. Half of the 242 participants, split in four divisions, sail under IRC ratings, among them from the USA 'Pendragon VI' (Nicola Paoleschi), 'Rambler 88' (David George) and 'Raving Swan'(Jerome Stubler). The race can be followed over GPS-tacking. ----- Since last Sunday, the various classes present in St-Tropez have been sailing short races. The IRC-A and IRC-B fleets with 50 yachts each had the largest participation. Here all ranking lists.

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