IMOCA Open 60 - Vendée Globe - Day 20 - Abandonment of Alex Thomson GBR

Sunday, November 29, 2020   
 IMOCA Open 60  Vendee Globe  Day 20  Abandonment of Alex Thomson GBR
After loosing one of the two rudders the day before yesterday, Alex Thomson GBR ('Hugo Boss') decided to abandon the race yesterday Saturday, after consulting his technical team. The damage cannot be repaired at sea. He will now call at Cape Town. The report. The so well prepared English top favorite missed the much aspired victory in his fifth participation after 2nd and 3rd places in previous editions. The Vendée-Globe story by Alex Thomson GBR. ---------- With Thomson's out, the fifth of the eight latest generation Foiler Open-60s is already out of the race for victory: 'Corum' (Nicolas Troussel FRA) had to retire early due to a mast break, 'Charal' (Jérémy Beyou FRA) resumed the race after her repair return with a 7 day delay and will be the last one to cross the equator today, more than 3'000 miles behind. After a repair stop, 'L'Occitane' (Armel Tripon FRA) is also far behind. 'LockedOut' of Thomas Ruyant FRA with a broken and now cut off foil is still in second place (here the video), but now, she will have little chance to keep up with the fastest. ... Entering the Roaring Forties, over 30 very challenging rough days are ahead ....
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IMOCA Open 60 - Vendée Globe - Les Sables d'Olonne FRA

Sunday, 8. November 2020– Sunday, 31. January 2021


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