Pan Am Games - Lima PER - Day 5 - the results of all North American sailors/teams

Thursday, August 8, 2019   
 Pan Am Games  Lima PER  Day 5  the results of all North American sailors/teams
Updated results of August 7

Men’s events:

Laser Standard (8 races):
- 1st Charlie Buckingham USA
- 7th Robert Davies CAN
- 8th Yanic Gentry MEX

49ers (10 races):
- 3rd Mollerus/MacDiarmid USA
- 4th Alexander Heinzemann/Justin Barnes CAN
- 7th Ander and Danel Belausteguigoitia MEX

RS:X men windsurfers (11 races):
- 2nd Pedro Pascual USA
- 3rd David Mier Y Teran MEX

Women's events:

Lasers Radial (8 races):
- 1st Charlotte Rose USA
- 2nd Sarah Douglas CAN
- 6th Elena Oetling MEX

49ersFX (7 races):
- 2nd Stephanie Roble/Maragret Shea USA
- 4th Alexandra Ten Hove/Mariah Millen CAN

RS:X women windsurfers (10 races):
- 4th Demita Vega MEX
- 5th Farrah Hall USA
- 6th Olivia Mew CAN

Mixed events:

Nacra-17 (11 races):
- 1st Riley Gibbs/Anna Weis USA
- 6th Enrique Figueroa/Gretchen Ortiz PUR
- 9th Allison Surrette/Maxwel Flinn CAN

Snipe (9 races):
- 1st Ernesto Rodriguez/Hallie Schiffmann USA
- 7th Ramon Gonzalez/Tiare Sierra PUR

Lightning (9 races):
- 4th Jody Swanson/Ian Jones/Dennis Dieball USA
- 7th Richard Walsh/Alex Cox/Nikka Stoger CAN

Open events:

Sunfish (8 races):
- 1st Luke Ramsay CAN
- 3rd Conner Blouin USA
- 10th Hector Guzman MEX
- 11th Agusti Lazaro PUR

Kite (15 races):
- 3rd William Cyr USA
- 4th Xantos Villegas MEX
- 5th Michael Brodeur CAN

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