Mini 650 - Les Sables-Les Acores - Leg 2 - Final results, Bouroullec (Protos) and Riché (Series) winners after 4 days underway

Saturday, August 15, 2020   
 Mini 650  Les SablesLes Acores  Leg 2  Final results, Bouroullec (Protos) and Riche (Series) winners after 4 days underway
Yesterday evening after 4 days and 4 hours, Tanguy Bouroullec FRA crossed the leg 2 finish line off Roscoff FRA as the winner in the Protos. Antoine Perrin FRA, 1 hour 40 minutes behind, was 2nd, Irina Gracheva RUS followed as 3rd and first woman. By this morning UTC, 8 of the 16 Protos left in the race reached the arrival. ----- Roughly 8 hours after the first Proto, Quentin Riché FRA completed the race on the first Series Mini, closely followed by Jean-Marie Jézéquel FRA as 2nd just one minute back, while another minute later, Victor D'ersu FRA arrived in 3rd. 18 of the 55 Series Minis still racing terminated leg 2 this morning UTC. ----- The race tracker with the results and the daily news.
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Mini 650 - Les Sables-Les Acores-Les Sables FRA - Les Sables d'Olonne FRA

Tuesday, 4. August 2020– Friday, 28. August 2020


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