ISAF Annual Conference 2011 - US SAILING Submissions

Tuesday, August 16, 2011   
 ISAF Annual Conference 2011  US SAILING Submissions
Decision making at the International Sailing Federation ISAF is based on submissions made by National Authorities, Recognised Classes and ISAF Committees. It is up to all interested parties to assume their rights to direct the sport in a direction wanted by a majority with meaningful proposals. After deliberations, Council, representing the ISAF Members, makes the final decisions at the Annual Conference, this year in Puerto Rico from Nov 3 to 13. The deadline for receipt of submissions was 12:00 UTC 1 August 2011.
During their July meeting, the Board of Directors of US SAILING unanimously approved twelve Submissions to ISAF for changes in the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing. These Submissions were prepared by the US Racing Rules Committee, which met 19 times since last October to consider, discuss, and revise the proposed changes. Additionally, the committee members exchanged literally hundreds of e-mail messages with comments and proposed rewording of the rules in question.
The respective Submissions are posted on the US SAILING website.

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