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CNN 'Mainsail' - Video Interview of Ben Ainslie GBR

 CNN 'Mainsail' - Video Interview of Ben Ainslie GBR In the latest edition of the CNN-Sailing-Video-Magazine 'Mainsail', the five-time Olympic Medalist Ainslie GBR speaks about his way to success, interviewed by Shirley Robertson GBR (2x Olympic Champion). The 22-minute video is dedicated to the Olympic Classes World Championship in Aarhus (August 2018), with Ainslie GBR starting after 16:50.
The video.
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The new Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016

As usual the Racing Rules of Sailing are reviewed every four years after the Olympic Regatta and amended based of the submissions received by ISAF and approved by Council on the recommendations of the Racing Rules Committee. The English version of the RRS can be downloaded already. Visit the US Sailing Store for the US editions and explanations by Dave Perry. The changes are minor and deal with items such as crossing the finish line or mark rounding. 'Rules in Practice' by Bryan Willis explains the new rules.
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Velux 5 Oceans - Virtual Regatta game attracts thousands

 Velux 5 Oceans - Virtual Regatta game attracts thousands The Velux 5 Oceans might only have five boats ready for next week's start (and hoping for a sixth to finish repairs in time), but so far more than 10,000 armchair skippers have signed up with Virtual Regatta for the virtual race. The possibility of winning cash prizes that total more than 10,000 Euros or nearly $14,000 surely helps. If you love sailing on your computer and want to compete against of thousands of other virtual skippers, this might be your ticket for the next few months. Fair warning: We have seen some pretty dedicated folks in other Virtual Regatta games, who have had multiple players on their team to man their vessel around the clock, so be prepared to put in some long hours if you want to be competitive. Sign up and get the briefing for the controls of boat and sails.
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Volvo Ocean Race - VOR Game gets facelift for 2011

 Volvo Ocean Race - VOR Game gets facelift for 2011 The Volvo Ocean Race Game attracted 220,000 players during the 2008-2009 race and will be back next time in an expanded version with improved technical and tactical elements and an in-port race feature. The new version also is expected to include advanced weather and routing options and integrated social media, i.e. Twitter. The game will also be playable on social networks and smart phones. The overall winner of the race game last time around was Dutch player Powerof7, whose hard work won him a Volvo C30. The report and a place to sign up for the newsletter.
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Thursday, August 19, 2010   (Image © Magnus Grubb)

J/24 - World Championship 2010 - Malmö SWE - Healy, Parker USA are 1-2

 J/24 - World Championship 2010 - Malmö SWE - Healy, Parker USA are 1-2 Three days into the championship with six races counting and one discard, two US boats are on top of the interim standings at the J/24 Worlds in Malmö SWE. Tim Healey USA (10 pts.) who got a nice redress for a wrongfully assessed a BFD in Race 4 on Tuesday (a bullet, no less) added another 1-2 to his impressive score to extend the overall lead with Tony Parker USA (21) and Andrea Casale ITA (26) following on the other podium places. The forecast is finally promising better conditions, meaning wind without rain. The event site with report, results and photos.
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Racing Tactics - Team chemistry - It's like bulding a gear box (believe it or not)

 Racing Tactics  - Team chemistry - It's like bulding a gear box (believe it or not) Three-time Olympian and frequent SN contributor, Chris Rast, recently blogged about chemistry and the art of teamwork for racing sailors. Never mind that he’s likening it to building a gearbox, which seems to be an analogy they teach in business school theses days. It’s still a worthwhile read, If you are a skipper or someone who is frequently in the position of putting new teams together, this article will give you new overall perspective on this issue. And it will help you realize what it takes to integrate into a team and hopefully you will question some of your current practices.
Here it goes.
Books & Publications – Monday, May 10, 2010
Monday, May 10, 2010   (Image © ISAF)

Racing Tactics – Finding sparring partners - Vince Brun: 'You hide, you lose'

 Racing Tactics – Finding sparring partners - Vince Brun:  'You hide, you lose' “I was looking for some advice for our upcoming partnerships and I found myself talking to Vince Brun and David Hughes at North Sails in Point Loma,” says Chris Rast, a three-time Olympic campaigner and occasional Sailing news contributor. "In regards to how we should handle information sharing with our sparring partners (which would eventually be our competition at the Olympic Games), Vince's advice was simple. In his usual Brazilian accent he said: 'You hide, you loose.' It doesn't matter if you're in it for an Olympic Medal or preparing for a National Championship, if you need to fast track your learning curve then one of the best ways doing this is by working together with other teams.” Find out how on Chris Rast's 'Faster and Higher' blog.
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