Olympic Worldcup 2018/19 - Act 1 - Enoshima JPN - Day 2, excellent 2nd of Sarah Douglas CAN, top-10 results in 4 more classes

Wednesday, September 12, 2018   
Yesterday morning, the first Olympic Classes Worldcup Event 2018/9 began on the Olympic waters 2020 of Enshima JPN. This morning, the first results of the day are still missing, apparently, the starts have been postponed.
Yesterday, all classes completed 2 to 3 races in good 12-15kn wind conditions. Here the result overview by yesterday evening, probably to be updated during this Wednesday.

The results of the North American teams:
• Laser (5): Charlie Buckingham USA 34th, Chris Barnard USA 35th, Malcolm Lamphere(USA 40th, Robert Davis CAN 44th, Marek Zaleski USA 59th
• Laser Radial (4): Sarah Douglas CAN 2nd, Haddon Hughes USA 12th, Paige Railey USA 16th, Erika Reineke USA 18th
• Finn (2): Caleb Paine USA 7th, Luke Muller USA 9th
• 49er (2): Christopher Rast/ Trevor Burd USA 9th, Judge Ryan/ Hans Henken USA 23rd
• 49erFX (2): Stephanie Roble/ Margaret Shea USA 8th, Kate Shaner/ Charlotte Mack (USA 20th
• 470 M (1): Stu McNay/ Dave Hughes USA 15th
• Nacra 17 (2): Bora Gulari/ Helena Scutt USA 10th, Riley Gibbs/ Louisa Chafee USA 11th

Racing can be followed live over GPS tracking. By noon UTC, racing of the day - if any - will be completed and the full overall results of the day will be posted.
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Olympic Worldcup 2018/19 - Act 1 - Enoshima JPN

Sunday, 9. September 2018– Saturday, 15. September 2018


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