Ice-Sailing - DN European Championship - Orsasjön SWE - Day 1, Sherry USA 6th after two races

Tuesday, February 11, 2020   
 IceSailing  DN European Championship  Orsasjoen SWE  Day 1, Sherry USA 6th after two races
Lukasz Zakrzsewski POL was the only DN pilot managing the unconstant and very shifty wind conditions as well as the melting wet ice at the DN-Icesailing Europeans on Lake Orsa in Sweden, finishing twice on the second rank. Anton Didenko RUS and Jarek Radzki POL are the first challengers. Ron Sherry USA (14/4) follows on the 6th place. The favorites Karol Jablonski POL (1/19) and Tomasz Zakrzsewski POL (1/16) however had both the first downers. David Howlett GBR follows as 46th. ----- The results and the news including the video of the day.
Ice-Sailing - DN European & World Championship

Saturday, 8. February 2020– Saturday, 15. February 2020


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