Mini 650 - Mini-Transat - Leg 1 - Day 13 - South or West ?

Tuesday, November 5, 2019   
 Mini 650  MiniTransat  Leg 1  Day 13  South or West
This morning UTC, François Jambou FRA was on top of the Protos Minis 5,3nm ahead of Tanguy Bouroullec FRA on 2nd and Axel Tréhin FRA 17.7nm behind on 3rd. In the Series Minis, Ambrogio Beccaria ITA had already an advantage of 16.4nm on Benjamin Ferré FRA. Kéni Piperol FRA was 34nm behind the leader. ----- 48 hours after the start to leg two from the Canaries to the Caribbeans, two major options are taking shape on the Atlantic chessboard. The bulk of the fleet has chosen to head West, the closer route but exposed to lighter winds. Other competitors are going South, lengthening the distance but expecting steadier trade winds. The lateral separation was 350nm this morning and is constantly growing. ---- The race tracker, the daily news and the event website.
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Mini 650 - Mini-Transat - La Rochelle FRA - Gran Canaria ESP - Martinique FRA

Sunday, 22. September 2019– Tuesday, 15. October 2019


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